KineMaster alternative applications

Top 10 Alternatives Apps Like KineMaster

Top 10 Alternatives Apps Like KineMaster:

Best 10 Apps Like KineMaster

1. InShot

Another well-liked video editing programme, InShot, is a fantastic replacement for KineMaster, in my opinion. KineMaster is substantially more expensive compared to the premium, ad-free version. You must pay $3.99 per month or $22.99 annually for KineMaster in order to get rid of the advertisements and watermark. It just costs $2.99 per month or $9.99 per year with Inshot. Additionally, KineMaster has the sad lack of the ability to purchase a lifetime premium membership for a one-time charge of $29.99. The InShot interface deviates a little from KineMaster’s as well. Although you would think otherwise, I personally found it to be more enjoyable and user-friendly.


InShot is an image editing app, so you can alter photos right in the app. Edit the image directly rather than making a slide by applying filters, altering the background, including stickers and effects, and more. By selecting up to nine photographs to include in a collage, you may also quickly build collages. This enables you to post or share multiple photos on social media in one article or post. You can purchase a variety of unique stickers and animations for your photos and movies in the InShot Shop. InShot is an enjoyable and simple tool for making films, collages, and image edits for social networking. Both Android and iOS devices support InShot.

2. VivaVideo

Another top KineMaster substitute that offers a less expensive premium choice is VivaVideo. Compared to KineMaster’s $22.99/year price and three-day free trial, it is only $12.99. But like KineMaster, VivaVideo also has a fantastic free version. On the application’s home screen, select the big orange Edit button to begin. I liked that you could add stock photos from the free library by selecting the Stock option in addition to choosing your own pictures from your gallery. Additionally, you may post emojis, stickers, and gifs from Giphy as well as brief videos from Eyeful.


Add or make music movies and slideshows using any of these alternatives by fusing your own photos with stickers, animated gifs, and online stock photos. Modifying your video after choosing the photos and videos. Alter the video’s size, split it into sections, speed it up, add text and stickers, overlays, filters, music, and sound effects, as well as record your own audio to add to the movie and change the overall tone (for example, one theme is Sweet Love, perfect for videos you want to send to your lover). The fact that you can include stock photos and animated gifs as well as the fact that you can select from a wide variety of beautiful themes for your videos make up for the fact that I didn’t appreciate VivaVideo’s user interface as much as I did InShot’s.

3. Vimeo Create

The majority of people have heard of YouTube, but less of Vimeo. Actually, YouTube and Vimeo were both released about a year apart yet they never attained the level of recognition and popularity that YouTube did. However, Vimeo is a great platform for publishing videos for all purposes, whether professional or personal, and Vimeo Create is a great tool you can use to make videos, whether or not you plan to make them publicly available on Vimeo. Sign up with Google or your email address to get started.

Vimeo Create

Then, choose pictures from your album to turn them into a film. Even though Vimeo Create is more affordable than KineMaster, it is a superior choice for those who want to produce branded content and polished videos. KineMaster is a better option than Vimeo Create if you own a business and want to make professional branded movies or if you want to launch a Vimeo channel that appears professional. KineMaster is more suitable for recreational and personal use.

Vimeo Create

The ability to link your Google Photos account and upload photos from there is another feature I enjoyed. This option can be quite helpful because there are instances when photographs submitted to your Google Photos account are not downloaded to your phone’s gallery. Select a Style after deciding the photos or videos to include in your new video. Styles include Valentine, rainbow, recollections, and more. If you select a rainbow theme, for instance, there will be a rainbow slide-in between each image you share. Next, pick a piece of music. There are a tonne of musical alternatives available. The procedure is incredibly fast and easy. The programme will automatically build the video for you when you’ve selected your photographs, style, and music.

Vimeo Create

The creation of the film can take up to a minute, but I thought the finished product looked really polished. However, the Vimeo watermark will be visible if you have a free Vimeo Create account. You can download your video to your phone after you’re happy with it. As the application works to create an HD high-resolution version of your video, this can also take some time. The movie can then be downloaded directly to your phone in up to 1080p, even if you only have the free edition of the app. You won’t find many other video editing programmes that offer that. Additionally, you don’t even need to download the video to your phone to automatically share it across your social network sites. To publish, simply click the button.

Vimeo Create

It should be noted that Vimeo will automatically publish your video. However, nobody else will be able to read it because the privacy settings are by default set to Only Me. Click the Settings tab in the video drop-down menu and switch the Privacy setting to Public if you wish to send your friends a link to a Vimeo video. Sharing films with friends using Vimeo Create is a terrific alternative to forcing them to download them via Telegram or Whatsapp, which uses up mobile data and storage space. Set the video’s link to Public instead, then send it to them so they may watch it on Vimeo. The Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and their desktop website all offer Vimeo Create.

4. WeVideo

WeVideo offers a user-friendly UI that is very straightforward. Click the green + icon in the bottom right corner of the screen as soon as the programme is open. Then, to upload pictures or videos from the gallery on your phone or from Google Drive, click the blue + icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. The camera on your phone allows you to instantly capture images and videos. You can add audio or add music from the library. However, only subscribers can access the majority of the music. But compared to KineMaster’s free plan, the premium plan is considerably less expensive. The Mobile Pass plan, which eliminates all WeVideo watermarks from your video and provides you access to more music and themes, is only $3.99 for a full year.


The Mobile Pass plan, however, is only valid for those who want to keep using WeVideo exclusively on their phones. You must purchase a Power Plan subscription, which costs $9.99/month or $59.99/year, if you want to access the desktop video editing features as well as the unique web features. There are also plans that cost more money. You can upgrade, for instance, to have complete access to more than a million stock media, such as songs, clips, and stock images. If you want to be able to use the app on several devices and store your edits in the cloud, pick WeVideo over KineMaster. WeVideo is accessible through the Chrome Web Store, Apple’s App Store, and Google Play.

5. FilmoraGo (Android/IOS)

Another user-friendly video editing programme is FilmoraGo. Simply click on New Project to get started, then choose your device’s photos and videos. Additionally, under the Other option at the top of the screen, you can select blank backgrounds. You can begin editing your video after choosing your photographs and videos. The editing section was fantastic; it reminded me a little of KineMaster but was much simpler to use. The video may be edited, and you can add stickers, music, text, and filters. Additionally, you can alter the canvas or apply effects.Additionally available are numerous adjustments and changing the speed.

FilmoraGo (Android/IOS)

One reason I prefer FilmoraGo to KineMaster is that the Filmora watermark can be removed without even purchasing a premium subscription. Instead, you can get rid of the watermark by merely viewing a video advertisement. As a result, it’s an excellent free method for producing videos without watermarks. Click Customize Watermark to get rid of the watermark. You can, however, only get rid of a watermark for nothing once per 24 hours. In other words, you are only permitted to view an advertisement for watermark removal once every 24 hours. The lifetime membership plan at FilmoraGo costs $29.90 and the premium plan’s annual fee is $19.90, making it somewhat more affordable than KineMaster. Availability of FilmoraGo on Google Play Store and iOS Store. 

6. VMX

The amazing KineMaster substitute VMX allows it simple to include text, animations, and errors in your films. It’s fairly simple to use; just click the Plus button in the centre of the screen to begin. The canvas size is chosen after you have chosen the photographs from your collection. The editing screen will then appear after you click the Create button. Import stock images from Pixabay in addition to including your own pictures and videos. And Add both audio and text. You have a variety of fonts, shapes, and colour options. Voiceovers, overlays, stickers, and much more can be added.


To add pixelation effects, for example, use the Glitch option. You won’t have access to all Glitch choices as a free user, but if you subscribe to a Pro membership, you’ll have access to a lot more. VMX Pro, fortunately, costs a lot less than KineMaster. One of the least expensive options for professional video editing, it just costs $1.99 per month or $11.99 per year. For $29.99, you can also select a lifetime membership, which will enable you to save money over time. Both iOS and Android mobile platforms support the VMX Editor.

7. Videoshop

A user-friendly video editor and creator is Videoshop. To import films and pictures, select Import Video from the app’s home screen. After that, you can edit each slide on its own. Numerous types of text, music, transitions, video speed adjustments, and other features are available. You can even import videos from Apple Music if you’re using Videoshop on an iPhone. You can do even more things with the Pro version, including add voice recordings and reverse effects.


The lifetime version, which costs $39.99, is less expensive than the Pro version’s $3.99/month price. Again, one thing that KineMaster is missing is a lifetime version. Additionally, I discovered that using Videoshop was really simple. I’m not saying Kinemaster is difficult, but in my perspective and experience, the layout on Videoshop is a little more user-friendly and straightforward for non-technical folks. Both iOS and Android devices can use Videoshop.

8. Quik

Open the app and select the “Create a new video” option to begin using Quik. Images from your gallery, Google Photos, your SD card, and even your GoPro Plus cloud media library are all acceptable sources for uploads. Quik is a fantastic Kinemaster substitute if you want to edit GoPro film because of that last option. When compared to Kinemaster, Quik will make it much simpler for you to edit your GoPro films, publish them to social media, and share them with your friends while you are bicycling, hiking, riding a motorcycle, or travelling.


GoPro actually invented Quik. I also liked how you can add a video introduction right from the start, quickly and quickly. Quik will also automatically produce multiple versions of the video for you, each with its own unique effects and soundtrack. Simply select your preferred style to download it. For instance, some of the fashions I noticed are Grammy, Action, Boxed, Lapse, and Slice. All of these videos all have various video styles, soundtrack, and transitions. Additionally, you can choose the duration of the movie, the time at which the music begins, and the filter that is applied.


Quik is true to its name: You can “quickly” make stunning video collages and slideshows. You receive a number of pre-made versions, so all you really need to do is pick which photographs to use, add some text for the video intro, select the style, and presto, you have a polished movie with music and transitions that you can share. Once a video has been saved, you can duplicate it and then tweak the duplicate even more. The video is available for download or sharing as a link and is kept in the cloud for seven days.

  • By selecting the Instagram Story option, you may also instantly share it to your Instagram story.
  • I particularly liked that videos in 1080p and even 60 FPS could be saved.
  • Why choose Quik instead of Kinemaster? Here are the main explanations:
  • The use of it is totally free.
  • With the ability to import photos and movies from the GoPro Cloud, it was created by GoPro for GoPro users.
  • It enables you to create videos fast, easily, and without a lot of practise using music and transitions that appear professional.
  • You can share a link to a video with your friends and save it in the cloud for seven days.

9. Vinkle

Vinkle, a video editor tool, you can make stunning videos using more than a thousand templates. Create an account by logging in with Google, Facebook, or your email address to get started. After that, pick a template and the pictures you want to import. As shown in the template, the software will take your photographs and create a video collage with lovely transitions and music. The video can then be downloaded to your phone or shared via social media. Even a link to the video is available for sharing. Vinkle is an excellent alternative to After Effects if you want a large range of templates and a programme that will automatically apply those templates, along with transitions, effects, and music, to your own movie.


The fact that Vinkle has so many commercials, which might be unpleasant, is its only drawback. Additionally, which is frustrating, they constantly promote their premium version, which costs $59.99 per year. But other from that, it’s a really fantastic app that you can use to make awesome videos. Vinkle also has a cool feature that lets you remove backgrounds and replace them with a normal background, such as a green screen, behind you.Android and iOS users can download Vinkle.

10. Vieka (Android/IOS)

Vieka is another excellent Kinemaster substitute that offers a wide range of video templates for you to choose from while making videos. Pick up to 30 photos or videos from your gallery to get started. Then select a template from the list at the bottom of the screen. These templates all look excellent and feature various transitions, effects, and music.

Vieka (Android/IOS)

If Vinkle’s advertisements irritate you, pick Vieka instead because it is much simpler to use. Vieka is also faster than Kinemaster at producing great videos. Watch a video ad to get HD Resolution, or pay $4.99/month for the premium plan.


For editing films and photographs, I would like InShot, but all of these are good choices.For making music videos from your uploaded photographs without doing a lot of the work yourself, Vieka and Quik are particularly helpful.InShot, however, still gives you additional possibilities for editing your videos, making it more comparable to Kinemaster but less expensive.

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