Kinemaster Diamond MOD APK - Premium v6.1.7 (No Watermark)

Kinemaster Diamond MOD APK – Premium v6.1.7 (No Watermark)

KineMaster Diamond is a popular Kinemaster Mod. It has so many unique features as compared to the official version. The user interface is designed like a diamond with blue shades, which makes this app unique & special. Kinemaster Diamond MOD APK – Premium v6.1.7 (No Watermark). Among many modified versions, this one is the best today. Its premium features make kinemaster diamond apk download on a different level in the world of video editing & designing new effects.

KineMaster Diamond came into development long ago, and users love it because of its blue & diamond-like interface design. Speaking of its features, you can do so much more in video editing, and there are all the features, including common & professional ones. Kinemaster Diamond MOD APK – Premium v6.1.7 (No Watermark). You should check this article if you don’t know much about this app. If you guys don’t know about this application. Kinemaster Diamond MOD APK – Premium v6.1.7 (No Watermark), I will tell you about this application quickly from our website (

Kinemaster Diamond MOD APK - Premium v6.1.7 (No Watermark)

Kinemaster Diamond APK Details:

In this section, you can find all the information on the kinemaster diamond apk download its newest version, file size, last update time, etc. To ensure our visitors the best experience, we are putting the most important info here. Here, you can see this app’s precise information, which is “premium and no watermark.”

App NameKineMaster Diamond
Size48 MB , 78 MB
Version6.1.7.27418.GP (Latest Version)
Android Required4.1 and up
Special InfoPremium, No Watermark
Offered ByKineMaster Corporation
Last UpdatedSep 28, 2022

Download Kinemaster Diamond Latest Version Now:

What is Kinemaster Diamond?

What is Kinemaster Diamond?

As we all know, the Official KineMaster App is amazing for video editing, and because of it, people are doing great editing on just their mobiles. It’s available for both iOS and Android platforms. But the best thing here is the features. Professional features like chroma key, blend modes, audio control, video speed control, and much more can be used. So, why do we need KineMaster Diamond? Well, there are many of premium stuff in it that is not in the official version unless you spend some money. In Kinemaster Diamond APK Download, you can access all the premium features for free. You can find those features in detail in this article. So, the features of “KineMaster Diamond” are the following:

  • Beautiful blue interface
  • Dynamic app design
  • Intuitive interface
  • 4K video-editing support
  • No watermark
  • Keyframe Animation
  • Ad-free UI
  • Voice recording
  • Noise control available
  • All video formats support
  • Instant view available
  • Premium Assets store
  • Chroma key support
  • 3D transitions & effects
  • Multiple layers editing
  • Professional editing
  • Blend modes support
  • Unique look

Features of Kinemaster Diamond:

Features of Kinemaster Diamond:
  • Supports & imports almost all video formats.
  • Export your edited videos fast as compared to other similar apps.
  • Advanced editing is available for making professional videos.
  • It supports voice recording to add your voice to a video.
  • Chroma key is known for making videos with special effects. Usually seen in movies.
  • A premium blue look that is eye-friendly and unique.
  • Create custom animation with Keyframe animation.
  • Hundreds of 3D transition effects make your video unique.
  • Animation GIFs, stickers, sounds, wallpapers, themes, etc., are premium assets in the Asset Store.
  • Trim, crop, merge, and many other editing tools.
  • Split the audio from a video.
  • Share your edited videos directly with your audience.
  • Add multiple layers to your video.
  • Zoom in and Zoom out effects available.
  • Easily control the speed of all the video layers.
  • Blend modes are available, which helps in mixing two layers during editing.
  • Install on PC using Android Emulator software.
  • Safe to install app & root-free.
  • Supports video editing up to 4K 60 FPS.
  • No watermark to give your video a premium & original look.

What’s New in v6.1.7.27418.GP

  • Minor improvements
  • Various bug fixes
  • Updated Asset Store
  • Now supports 4K editing
  • Modified & unique look
  • No Watermark
  • Ad-Free

Explained Features of KineMaster Diamond

I want to share every little detail of KineMaster Diamond and its features. So, in this section, you will get the details of those best KineMaster Diamond features. It’s because not everyone knows about every element, and they don’t want to try them out without enough information. But don’t worry. Get all the detailed information here, and let’s get started.

Premium, No Watermark

Kinemaster Diamond MOD APK - Premium v6.1.7 (No Watermark)

The best feature of KineMaster Diamond is its premium support with no watermark. It means whenever someone exports a video, and there will be no watermark, like the official free version, you see “KineMaster Watermark” on it. But it is not in the KineMaster Diamond, and it’s a relief. The premium support includes hundreds of features, including sounds, GIFs, sticker packs, font packs, and many other premium assets. You can access them from the KineMaster Diamond Asset Library.Kinemaster Diamond MOD APK – Premium v6.1.7 (No Watermark).

Beautiful Diamond Interface

Beautiful Diamond Interface

Millions of people have used KineMaster Diamond because of its features and the unique, beautiful diamond interface with a blue color. We all love it, I know. That’s why the app is so popular and has millions of searches on the web today. Unlike other KineMaster Mods, the diamond provides almost all the features required in video editing for free.

Video-Editing Tools

Kinemaster Diamond MOD APK - Premium v6.1.7 (No Watermark)

From essential to professional, or, say, standard editing tools to studio-level editing tools, KineMaster Diamond has them all. On just mobile devices, you can do fantastic video editing. We all have seen people on video streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch using KineMaster Diamond to edit their unique videos; speaking of gaming channels, you have witnessed gaming montages, best gaming compilations, and much more. You can do all that using KineMaster Diamond, so edit the best videos today.

Chroma Key

Chroma Key

Chroma Key is a breathtaking video-editing tool, and it’s available on KineMaster Diamond. People don’t believe it when they edit with Chroma Key, change many things, and customize their video like a PRO. It’s beautiful, and I have a lot of respect for the video editors who use Chroma Key effects. With this feature, you can make stunning effects, and your editing will be great. Also, you can create unrealistic videos with Chroma Key by customizing your video’s background.

Transitions & Effects

Kinemaster Diamond MOD APK - Premium v6.1.7 (No Watermark)

kinemaster diamond mod apk provides hundreds of unique transitions & effects. They can be added directly from the asset store into your videos to make special effects. People on social media like Instagram and TikTok used to push specially edited videos using various transitions & effects. You can do it with KineMaster Diamond easily.

GIF Animations

Kinemaster Diamond MOD APK – Premium v6.1.7 (No Watermark)

There are thousands of unique GIF animations available in this app. These can be used in a video to make it look amazing and loving. You can provide multiple layers of these animations in your videos—another great feature for users who love to post reels or short videos on other social media apps.

Zoom-in, Zoom-out, and Reverse

Kinemaster Diamond MOD APK - Premium v6.1.7 (No Watermark)

The zoom-in & out feature is so famous nowadays, and you can see its trend on social media apps. Using the kinemaster diamond mod apk, people can make special effects with this feature at any instance in their videos. So, have fun using this feature to make your posts trending in no time. Another great feature is reversing a video. Provide beautiful effects to your video by just changing it.

Speed Control & Noise Reduction

Speed Control & Noise Reduction

In KineMaster Diamond, we can control the speed of our videos. When we add a layer of tape for editing, we can see the speed control feature, double the rate, make it slow-motion, and provide lots of cool features. Noise reduction is also available here. Whenever we split the audio from a video and use custom sound, we might need a noise reduction feature for the new sound. So, it’s a great help.

Import & Export

Import & Export

The main feature and the most appreciated feature of KineMaster Diamond is the import & export feature. There are lots of unique facts about it. We can import 4K videos in KineMaster Diamond and export them without decreasing the video quality. Also, in the official version, we aren’t able to import many video formats like MKV, but KineMaster Diamond also supports such formats. All the unsupported video formats are not automatically kept in this app.

Installation Guide For KineMaster Diamond

Installing KineMaster Diamond is simple but can be challenging for many people who are not fond of downloading third-party apps. Yes, this is a third-party app, but it’s safe to download & install; we only provide secure apps for our visitors. Well, check the simple installation guide.

  • Download the kinemaster diamond mod apk from our website.
  • Once the download is finished, you can proceed to your device settings.
  • From settings, you can enable the unknown source installation.
  • You need to enable that feature because you downloaded KineMaster Diamond from outside the Google Play Store.
  • Once you have enabled the unknown source installation, you can start installing the app.
  • Tap on the install button and let the installation complete successfully. If it’s taking some time, let it take because it depends on the device’s RAM.
  • So, you have installed KineMaster Diamond on your mobile. I wish you luck with your video-editing dreams.

Important FAQ Section:

There are lots of questions that people ask about KineMaster Diamond. Like its iOS availability, PC installation, best features, safety & privacy, and other vital questions. Well, check this section and get your answers peacefully. If you have any more questions in your mind, make sure you tell us in the comments.

Right now, you can download KineMaster Diamond on just Android devices. And there are no possibilities that this app will ever be available for iOS users. It’s because of the App Store policies. The Apple App Store already has the official version of KineMaster, so there are no chances you will get KineMaster Diamond on your iPhone. But the good thing is that you can install this app on your PC (including Mac and Windows).

There are so many best features of this app. But according to, most people love the 4K editing feature and the “no special watermark feature.” These two features are the best. But still, there are others, too, like smooth & fast import & export, the premium asset store, blend modes, and other features.

KineMaster Diamond has a blue interface, and it’s because it makes this app unique as compared to the official version. We all know the blue interface is unique and beautiful, and we love editing our videos with the blue UI. It’s like a blue diamond (rare and beautiful). Same, KineMaster Diamond is the best-modified version you can get today.

If you are using the latest version of KineMaster Diamond, it’s great because you can also install it on your PC. Suppose you have a PC, no matter Windows or Mac OS. You can install KineMaster Diamond on your PC now. For that, you need Android emulator software. , load the APK file in that and install the app on your PC. Love & enjoy your video editing on your PC.

No, sir, you don’t need to root your Android device to install KineMaster Diamond. It’s root-free and can be installed on any Android device with Operating System 4.1. These specs are so low that you can install this app on an ancient Android device. But please don’t because if you want to edit high-quality videos, you will need a suitable Android device with at least 3 GB of RAM.


In conclusion, KineMaster Diamond has almost every feature you need in video editing. Compared to the official version, it has lots of improved & modified features with a unique & beautiful blue diamond user interface. In this article, I have explained all the essential elements of this brilliant “Kinemaster Mod.” The fantastic thing about this app is that you can access hundreds of effects and premium assets.Kinemaster Diamond MOD APK – Premium v6.1.7 (No Watermark). I love using KineMaster Diamond’s Latest Version for my daily video-editing work. I can quickly reverse a video, control the speed of layers, add multiple layers, and, most importantly, I can edit videos in 4K quality.

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