How To Use Layers In KineMaster Video Editor - Mod Apk

How To Use Layers In KineMaster Video Editor – Mod Apk

While working with KineMaster Video Editor. You might have noticed that on the right media panel, there’s a “Layer” menu. Do you know what it is? Well, it allows you to add Text, Media, Overlay, Effect as well as Handwriting too. Which allows you to kinda doodle or draw on top of your video clip. Let us learn more about the KineMaster Layer Tool.  If you guys don’t know about this application. How To Use Layers In KineMaster Video Editor – Mod Apk, I will tell you about this application quickly from our website (

How To Use Layers In KineMaster Video Editor - Mod Apk

What is Layer in KineMaster?

Layer in KineMaster is a way of adding multiple effects, text, and overlay on top of a single or multiple video clips as an editable layer. Currently, KineMaster allows you to add a total of 5 different forms of layers. These are;

(1) Media

The “Media” option will allow you to import more images or video clips but this time as a layer. Meaning the clip or image which you import as a layer will sit above the original video clip.

(2) Effect

Effects add different looks and statistics to your video clips. Effects include Blur, Kaleidoscope, Mirror, Warp, etc. Of course not all are free. By default you get only 2 effects pre-installed. The rest are all paid. The pre-installed effects are Gaussian Blur and Mosaic.

(3) Overlay

An overlay is quite similar to Effects. But they work differently. You can choose between the already pre-installed overlays such as neon lights. Which is animated clip art that works along with your clip. You can download more overlays as well.

(4) Text

The text menu allows you to add texts to your video clips. You get plenty of free fonts to play around with and use in your video. For just a reference, you get a total of 38 free fonts including both Android and Latin fonts.

(5) Handwriting

Just as the name suggests. The handwriting option allows you to draw or doodle on your video clips. You can use this tool to doodle around with your video clips. As well as highlight key areas on which you’d like your viewers to focus.

How to use layers in KineMaster?

To use layers in KineMaster Pro Video Editor. Follow the instructions provided below.

Step 1: Open KineMaster along with your video clips.

As usual. You’ll need to have a few clips of your own to get started. Go ahead and use any video you currently have and let’s get the work started.

Step 2: Tap on the Layer menu on the right media panel.

Tap on the layer menu from the right media panel and select whichever layer you would like to add. For example Overlay. Once you tap on the Overlay option. You’ll be asked to select either “Neon Delights” or “Classic_Stickers” and right below you’ll also notice a “Get More” option. Go ahead and tap on the “get more” option if you have subscribed to KineMaster. You will get the option to download more overlays for your videos.

If you don’t have a subscription. Tap on “Neon Delights” select any effect you would like and tap on the top right check mark (✓) to insert the overlay. Once done. You can now adjust the location of the overlay by moving it around the video clip. Or you could also adjust more settings right from the media panel and again tap on the top right check mark (✓) to get a visual of your overlay.

Step 3: Play your video.

Once you’ve followed all the steps mentioned above. You will now get to see a play button in the right media panel as well. Tap on it and your video will start to play. You can now see your overlay blinking and working. And now we’ve successfully added an overlay in our videos using KineMaster.

Additionally. You could also add Animations to your overlay by following the same procedure as we learned in our Animations tutorial. If you’re interested in animation in KineMaster. You may read;


So, this was all in this tutorial, “Layers in KineMaster”. And I hope this article is the one you were looking for. If you have any questions or doubts about KineMaster. Do feel free to write down a comment. And if you want to learn more about KineMaster. Such as KineMaster tutorials. How To Use Layers In KineMaster Video Editor – Mod Apk. Do feel free to check out my other tutorials here in “KineMaster Tutorial”. Thank you very much for being here and reading my article. I’m glad that you’ve learned a lot by reading this article. Thank You!

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