How do you cut in KineMaster like a pro?

How do you cut in KineMaster like a pro?

Slice and mince your videos! You may make your recorded video segments shorter, better, and more engaging with a few simple cuts. Cutting out unwanted snippets from your videos is simple with KineMaster. How do you cut in KineMaster like a pro?
To choose a video on your timeline, tap on it. A yellow box encircles specific video clips. The Options Panel takes the place of the Media Wheel when something is chosen. Later on, we’ll talk more about the Options Panel.

More About KineMaster Cut Like A Pro:

More About KineMaster Cut Like A Pro:

You can tap and drag the left and right sides of your chosen video clip to make it shorter or longer.
To make cuts, move the Play head to the desired spot in the middle of your video clip. Tap the scissors icon in the Options Panel to open the Split & Trim tool. Go to Play head and choose Split. Your video clip has been cut into two parts, and you may now tap and drag to lengthen or shorten it in two new places. How do you cut in KineMaster like a pro?

Important Tips

If the transitions box between clips isn’t visible, it’s likely because your video clips are too brief for the box to be displayed over them. You may zoom in and see the transition box by spreading your fingers across the Timeline.

The Classic Transition:

The transitions that KineMaster includes for free are quite helpful. Make sure to become acquainted with them (in particular, the Presentation and Classic transition sets). Next, select Crossfade. The duration dial allows you to change how long the transition lasts. To lengthen or shorten the transition time, tap and drag your finger on the dial. Clicking the checkmark icon will take you back to your video.

To view how your transition appears, tap the Play button located beneath the Media Wheel. Tap the KineMaster Asset Store icon to access resources beyond the fundamental ones. To use in your KineMaster videos, you may get a ton of extra effects. transitions, stickers, typefaces, music tracks, sound effects, clip graphics, photos, and video clips.

Feature of Crop Tool in Kinemaster:

Feature of Crop Tool in Kinemaster:

Position of Beginning

With this option, you may set the video’s beginning frame.

Position of End

Use this drop-down menu to choose the point at which the picture or video will finish.

One Equals One

If you choose both the beginning and the end of the clip and then click the equal sign, the beginning will stay unchanged and the end will be set to the finish. Videos and images always zoom in and out seamlessly, beginning at the point you choose and ending anywhere you choose.

Final Words: 

These are all the steps to crop video in kinemaster. Hope this guide will help you to solve your video editing related queries. Please follow this blog to get all kinemaster related editing guides and tips. Thanks for your visit.

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